Hydrocarbon gas Mixture-Compressor


  • 2-stages, 3-cylinders, water-cooled, non lubricated, step piston type, vertical design
  • Long two-compartment distance piece, acc. to API 618 type C, incl. N2 purge system
  • Motion work, pressure lubricated, including complete piped oil-system
  • Motor 160 kW (II 2 G EXx de IIC T4), 1500 rpm
  • Driven by v-belt, antistatic, incl. guard
  • 100% saturated Hydrocarbon mixture, the compressor is equipped with a special condensate-trap and automatic drain system
  • Compressor as package unit on common heavy duty steel-baseframe
  • Internal piping for gas, cooling water, and N2 system with connecting flanges at battery limit
  • Heat exchangers for gas- and oil-system. Cyclon seperators after each gas cooler, pulsation dampeners acc. to KoHo pulsation analysis in accordance with API Approach I
  • Volume flow regulation via:
  • Speed regulation via frequency transformer between 100-50%
  • Diaphragm regulation valve in bypass between 50–0%
  • Control panel for unattended operation, incl. connection to customers DCS system
  • Dedicated for Ex-Zone 1 acc. to ATEX

    The compressor unit is part of a complet compessor station, fully designed by KoHo, which contains three compressor units in final construction stage. The KoHo scope of supply contains the complete compressor building, engineering for foundation and interconnecting piping.